Cut 2x fabric + 2x lining. Seam allowances are included.

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Fold fabric and lining edges to the marked notch and iron.

Unfold and refold twice the side 2 X 1cm to meet the ironed mark. Edge stitch both sides.

Place right sides of the fabric and lining together to baste and stitch centre front. Stitch 1 cm from the edge.

Place the mask and lining with right sides together. Stitch the top and bottom edges of lining and mask together with 1 cm stitch from edge. Leave sides open.

Turn the mask inside out and press seams.

On face - top side, stitch 1 cm from the edge to create a tunnel (12 cm long). Option: Insert metal wire or common twist tie into the top tunnel for a better fit.

On face - bottom side, stitch 1 cm from the edge - from edge to edge - to create tunnel for the elastic.

On the top left-hand side, insert the edge of the elastic between the mask and the lining. Stay-stitch the elastic between the layers. Leave sides open between mask and lining to insert optional filter.

Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic and insert elastic into the bottom tunnel making sure the elastic stays flat.

Bring elastic up, and stay-stitch between mask and lining at top right-hand side.

Download template

Cotton fabric for mask and lining
50 cm of elastic (0.5 cm)


DIY Face Mask